In my design, firstly I use two references which come from street. I protected current situation of entrance and exit point that people use today. According to this analysis of references and my architectural program, I give a shape my mass model. My architectural program consists of wine production, sales offices, pottery , art studio and many stores. Then I customized architectural program according to their functions and put in a different part.

My first department is wine production. All floors of this part has only wine production. This part has its own storage, personal room, atelier, workshop area, kitchen, toilet and a lift to carry products comfortably to all floors.

Second section consists of some sales offices. They have working areas , meeting spaces.

Third part is on pottery Again all three floors have the same production. It is also part with the most open spaces because of pottery production.

Fourth part is an art studio. Generally have workshops and paintings.

In my design, city bazaar has also many stores which are all in zero level and they have direct relation with the streeets. They generally sell what produce in the building like wine , pottery , paintings etc..

While I integrate these program I design an external circulation because for the use of all the environment and employees for feel comfortable. The building can be accessed from both inside and outside. It creates different open , semi-open spaces in the building. I tried to make an inside-out building.

My city bazaar has outer circulation and inner circulation both. These circulations create open, semi-open spaces and these spaces can be used as a transportation and recreation area.



Final submission_DijleZırhlı


In this assignment , we analyzed our Arch 302 City Bazaar design according to its structure and material. We analyzed in 2 different way. One of them is generic spot which includes wood roof , wall covering or something which continues through building. Second is special spot which important elements for our structure.



The third jury came towards the end of the period. With prejury3 , our projects was shaped. My city bazaar project was found developed by our lecturers.

My city bazaar has a program which consist of manual labour, textile industry , and small scale production goods and its atelier. At zero level my city bazaar has exchange shoppinh shops on the external outer wall. But at the inside has more atelier and workshops area. At 7 level , structure has offices which is related to these sales of products. At higher level , it has more accomodation areas and eating and drinking areas spread across the building. The building also has external and internal circulation both but external circulation is used front panel. with the help of the external circulation , my city bazaar has open , sem,-open areas and these are both roads, routes and gathering places. I get ctritics by my lecturer and ı will develop my city bazaar according to these critics. I will upload the photos of my model soon.


This time we have assigned to search an example where the assigned concept is the main design parameter for the building skin. Concepts are lighting, climate-ventilation, structure, energy supply, kinetic and terminally adaptive/responsive. My concept was about adaptive/responsive. On this concept, i choosed Al Bahar Towers, Abu Dhabi, Aedas Architects.


For the project’s sustainable engineering and sensitive cultural and urban approach, the towers were awarded the 2012 Tall Building Innovation Award  by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

The façade on Al Bahar, computer-controlled to respond to optimal solar and light conditions, has never been achieved on this scale before. In addition, the expression of this outer skin seems to firmly root the building in its cultural context.


In this assignment;  the maison domino scheme as the basis, we are required to develop an ecologically sustainable design proposal located in a specific city located in the northern hemisphere. My city is city B and its average temperature is between 30 and 15.

I tried to design the building envelope and interior partitions to apply passive and active heating/cooling/ventilation and lighting strategies and determine the main materials.

Ass_casestudy3 DİJLE ZIRHLI


In this prejury; I tried to design a new city bazaar according to critics which I taken.  In this city bazaar model ,  I tried to create two large masses which are frame around and there are some formations which are different size and shift over each other. I put large masses on the outer site and inner site has a structure which resolved in itself.

It is my poster for prejury 2.


pre2 poster