In this week, our subject was Mechanical systems & architectural space and Mehmet Okutan was our guest. Mehmet Okutan is a general administrative coordinator of OKutan Engineering and he is also mechanical engineer.

He also gave us an informative presentation on this subject last term. That’s why a general speech was made as the students remembered the presentation.

Firstly, he asked us e asked us how you would like to work in an architectural office in terms of small or large architectural office. Some argued that every detail of the work would be seen by working in a small office. They argued that they would not learn business in large corporations or offices.

According to Mehmet Okutan, he said that architectural design is a job of coordination. It may be good to start on a small-scale project but the whole process may not be monitored.

He said large-scale projects that are more defined work. The division of labor in large projects is more defined than in small projects. In large projects, business divided by various processes such as static, mechanical, coordination, presentation, façade design and etc. Projects in large offices are more institutional. There are consultants in designing large projects. According to the consultants, the plan is being made. Time and who is going to what are defined in program.

These are general summary and what we talked about in the course overview.



In this week, we have studied the topic Structural Design and Architectural Space. Our guest first talked about the conditions that affect design. Architects are designing quite different structures due to the increasing freedom of architects in design and enabling technology to make this innovation possible. But of course there are things that restrict the freedom of architects in design issue such as architectural and international standards to be followed, geological data on the site, structure of the program needs.

Secondly, our guest has talked about load bearing system. The bearing system is given to the system that the building elements such as curtain, column, beam etc…Carrier systems are referred to by various names depending on the type of material used in their construction. reinforced concrete construction, steel construction, masonry work construction, filament winding. There are generally reinforced concrete structures in our country. This material that can be easily processed. The pressure resistance of concrete is higher than other materials. Concrete better protects its structure when we compared to steel. Also its maintenance is easy. There are disadvantages as well as the good aspects of the concrete. Incorrect manufacturing and damage may occur due to workmanship errors. The construction period is quite long. Demolition is very difficult and expensive.

During the architectural design, aesthetic concerns and requests minimum vertical carriers with large space design request, creating problems between static project and architectural design. Mechanical and electrical installations in today’s projects are much more confronted. For these reasons all the professional disciplines have to be coordinated since the beginning of the design. The construction engineer must know and support the design anxiety of the architect. Also it should be the first issue that the earthquake-resistant structures of our country are in the earthquake zone.

This week, information was given about the structural systems and architectural design. Since we used the most concrete structure in our country, I stopped more on it. It was an informative presentation about the stability of the buildings and the importance of the bearing system and design issue.



In this week, we have continued Project Development Process in Large Scale Offices. Cem Altınöz was our guest who is also our lecturer in our university and a successful architect and he is working for Öncüoğlu Architects.

The first thing that Cem Altınöz tells us the difference in large-scale projects being deal with discipline committee. He had mentioned that in large scale projects, there are multiple functions and these functions are required different engineers and experts. For example, firstly we have a client or investor at the top. Then architect arranges structural, mechanical, electrical, lighting, acoustic, leed/bream, façade, fire and traffic systems. Also these headings are also divided into subheadings.

He also mentioned that there is also technical and economical aspect of architectural work. The contract is signed and the subgraphs we mentioned in the upper paragraph are usually connected to the architecture.

He has talked about there can be bad situations in the country and these situations can affect architectural influences like in 15 Temmuz. He has said that they have been reorganized due to changes in the project security procedure after 15 Temmuz.  For instance, They changed the acoustics system so that the building cannot be heard.

Especially, fire 7 zones, escape routes are also important for large scale project. door and wall types vary according to building size. Escape distances are important in the plan of building.

Finally, he mentioned that the frequency of the building itself, its various parts, and its size are significant for plan and organization of large scale.