In my design, firstly I use two references which come from street. I protected current situation of entrance and exit point that people use today. According to this analysis of references and my architectural program, I give a shape my mass model. My architectural program consists of wine production, sales offices, pottery , art studio and many stores. Then I customized architectural program according to their functions and put in a different part.

My first department is wine production. All floors of this part has only wine production. This part has its own storage, personal room, atelier, workshop area, kitchen, toilet and a lift to carry products comfortably to all floors.

Second section consists of some sales offices. They have working areas , meeting spaces.

Third part is on pottery Again all three floors have the same production. It is also part with the most open spaces because of pottery production.

Fourth part is an art studio. Generally have workshops and paintings.

In my design, city bazaar has also many stores which are all in zero level and they have direct relation with the streeets. They generally sell what produce in the building like wine , pottery , paintings etc..

While I integrate these program I design an external circulation because for the use of all the environment and employees for feel comfortable. The building can be accessed from both inside and outside. It creates different open , semi-open spaces in the building. I tried to make an inside-out building.

My city bazaar has outer circulation and inner circulation both. These circulations create open, semi-open spaces and these spaces can be used as a transportation and recreation area.


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